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Anyone can learn to fly a drone quadcopter. The new generation UAVs have been designed to be simple to operate.
However, besides being experienced in piloting the drone, the company has  professional business acumen and experience gained from different industries. This is coupled to the ability to fly safely and accurately in tricky and difficult often otherwise inaccessible locations;  over water, in jungle, in the mountains, in built-up areas and in the wilderness.

Dragonfly provides all this to produce great photos and videos as value added customer service. We love what we do and we're sure you will love the result too.

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Dragonfly Aerial Photography and Surveys

DRAGONFLY: "Elevating your image to new heights"

This aerial video of Ludlow Castle is typical of classic aerial landscape videos.

Similarly, spectacular and detailed views of engineering, archeological, survey and historical sites can be produced, giving unique views of each which would be impossible from the ground.

DAPS (Dragonfly Aerial Photography and Surveys)

The Drone HD aerial photography and HD Video Productions and Survey Company.

Tosh (Torsten Fjastad), the DAPS ground safety officer for health, safety and environment is also the chief drone pilot.  He is accredited by the Civil Aviation Authorities (CAA) to fly commercially as required by law.


Tosh has years of experience in aerial photography and video production. He has the ability to find value added solutions in many commercial area; for example:

The aerial opportunities are endless.

The Drone quadcopter is more than just a helicopter.   The Drone is a small remotely controlled flying machine with a sophisticated video and still camera, offering affordable aerial photographic solutions at a fraction of the cost of full size helicopter services.

The pilots do not get airborne:  they stand or sit attentively and safely with the customer, operating the flying (SUSA?) quadcopter and the remarkable home seeking, remotely controlled UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) aircraft does all the clever flying.  The CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) has clear regulations governing commercial drone operations and drone pilots have to pass extensive practical and theoretical examinations before being granted a licence for commercial operation.  
DAPS has met all the requirements and has been granted its commercial licence.

DAPS carries full public liability insurance.

The right picture:

As an experienced drone operator, flying the drone to the target subject, aligning it, ensuring the light is adjusted and observing safety in relation to the subject matter is key to the quality of HD aerial photo and video imaging.  Similar to a helicopter, the quadcopter drone aerial photo and survey vehicle has the remarkable ability to safely photograph and video in high definition from otherwise inaccessible positions.

Besides flying the remotely piloted UAV, the experience of the pilot is also relevant and Dragonfly has gained years of expertise in industry, construction, land drainage and landscaping, golf course architecture and wild adventure across Africa and Europe. 

Understanding the customer and giving value for money is paramount and we aim to give a quality service to meet the client's needs.

Listening to and fully understanding each client's detailed specification is vital.  Based on our knowledge and experience we then add value, offering ideas based on clients' requirements - be it commercial, structural or a splash of artistic design taking advantage of our experience in operating the drone in a wide range of geographic and architectural environments.  Customers' needs are paramount and our service concentrates on listening, defining the requirements, working safely and delivering affordable aerial photos and video in high definition, on time and within budget - even for the fun stuff!  Advertising photos from the air have a great impact, impressing viewers both on-line and in media, brochures and all other image reproduction publications, "elevating your image to new heights".

man on phone If you require any additional information from DAPS please do not hesitate to contact us on 07968 462 580 or complete the online form on theContact DAPSpage.

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